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Interim Management

As an Interim Manager I manage your business – or specific parts of it – as though I were a permanently employed manager, the only difference being my contract status.

Potential tasks would be:

    • Company management (CEO)
    • Management of specific business areas such as
      – Revision/Auditing
      – Finances/Controlling
    • Project management of
      – business / administrative projects
      – QM, organization and IT projects
      – reorganization and restructuring projects
    • Uncovering fraudulent acts

With an overriding sense of responsibility, I am committed to the enduring success and benefit of your company. I see myself as an “implementer” rather than a consultant. I don’t tell you what to do – I do it myself!

Who would benefit from my work?

Any company wanting to break new ground, bridge a gap, overcome a bottleneck or just breathe some fresh air into management and administration. Interim Management is anything but a compromise. In fact, it can lead to a “rejuvenation” of your company, benefiting from perfect flexibility and broad-based experience.

Previous projects (examples):

Management (CEO)
Wine-growing estate (privately owned)

  • Management and implementation of reorganization projects
  • Revision and investigation
  • Special projects management
Head of Finances/Controlling (CFO)
Electronics manufacturer (Private equity subsidiary)

  • Controlling of a reorganization project
  • Management and implementation of a burden reduction program
  • Participation in Six Sigma projects
Racing team and sports car garage

  • Installation of a controlling function
  • Company reorganization
  • Writing of business plans for investors
Head of Controlling
Component supplier to the aviation and automotive industry

  • Project management for the transition of a stock corporation section into an independent corporation (GmbH)
  • Installation of a controlling function
  • Overall controlling of a prototype specialist vehicle development project
  • Incorporation of a new subsidiary company
  • Supervision of the installation of a new ERP software
QM Representative and Controller
Racing team, event agency and sports car garage

  • Head of project management “Installation of a QM system”
  • Installation of a controlling function
  • Design of an assessment and personnel selection system
  • Support during the company integration process (three companies)
  • Assistance in racing team organization, process design etc.
  • Individual coaching of managers and race drivers