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Management Consulting

Examining complex operational tasks and issues as part of a single over-arching business solution is how I understand my function as a management consultant.

I offer consulting and implementation projects with individual focus, for example

  • Budget planning and target-performance comparison
  • Variance analysis and use of a range of trouble shooting techniques
  • Solution of client-specific business problems
  • Implementation of project management and project controlling
Optimization of Business Processes
  • Identification of intrinsically valuable business processes
  • Detection and elimination of error sources, time wasters, duplication of work, security holes etc.
Company Guidelines
  • Revision, streamlining or compilation of Company Guidelines such as Car, Travel, Investment or other Guidelines
Quality Management
  • Preparation and compilation of a lean QM documentation
  • Implementation of single QM components such as error analysis, inspection equipment monitoring, purchasing etc.
  • Conducting of QM-Audits
Personnel Management
  • Implementation of personnel selection and review systems
  • Coaching of managers concerning job and appraisal interviews, conflict solution, motivation techniques etc.
  • Investigation of irregularities and disclosure of fraud cases
  • Implementation of secure processes (Second Partner Review etc.)